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Offering excellent quality Water Repellent Coatings, Heat Reflective Roof Paints and complete Elastomeric Roof Coating Services.

An Introduction

Leveraging on technological advancements, we, Excel Coatings, have emerged as a credible solution provider for 'heat and leak' problems that surface in the summer season. We are a well known manufacturer, exporter and supplier of world class Water Repellent Coatings & Heat Reflective Roof Paints. Also, we are a service provider, relied upon for our Elastomeric Roof Coating Services. In operations since 2001, we are headed by Mr. Vidhyaprakash, who is a highly experienced business enthusiast and a dynamic leader. Supported by a team of dedicated professionals, he has been defining the direction and scope of our business activities, ensuring business excellence and large market share.

We deal in supreme quality Liquid Coatings, which are made from high grade materials, using latest processing techniques. These facilitate reduction of roof heat, block solar infrared rays and ultra violet rays, and prevent leakage and crack formation on the RCC roofs. We are consistently engaged in research activities to maintain an innovative edge in our products and services. Today, our products and services are availed by a worldwide clientele. Our effective and innovative solutions have great demand in markets of Africa, Malaysia and Middle East. Some of our major clients include ONGC, Hindalco Ltd, Catterpillar India, TVS Group and Alstom Projects India.

How our products work?

EXCEL CoolCoat® contains specialized high performance reflective & nano insulation, when dried forms a protective layer on the surface. The proprietary formulation forms a radiant barrier, weather proof layer which reflects the IR rays back into the atmosphere & prevents the surface from heat & UV degradation. It works on the principle of continuous rejection and insulation in a way that the roof itself is not getting heated up. So the air below the roof never gets hot, keeping the rooms cool and comfortable. This prevents the buildings for a longer period, extending the life of the buildings.

The fiber reinforcement present in EXCEL CoolCoat® provides a tough waterproof and abrasion resistant layer with Nano addition promoters providing an excellent adhesion to the surface. Thus provides significant resistance to cracking, chalking, peeling & weathering.

EXCEL CoolCoat® is a self-priming material. Hence, it doesn’t require a separate primer. EXCEL CoolCoat® is a single part coating providing protection to the existing roofing system and not a standalone roofing material. EXCEL CoolCoat® is ideal for use on Asbestos sheets, galvanized steel, color coated GI roofs, enameled steel, aluminum roofing, cement tiles, clay tiles, RCC roofs, polycarbonate sheets and asphalt shingles.